Sunday, November 2, 2008


Luke's first Halloween was wonderful! The day before Halloween we carved his first pumpkin. He fell asleep before we were finished but Joe and I still had a blast doing it! A Westwood tradition was carried on.... Halloween night I had three costumes for him...a deer, a monster and a lion. He wanted nothing to do with the monster because it went on over his face. I didn't even try the deer costume on because I put him in the lion and fell in love! It was adorable!

We went on a hayride with a bunch of our friends and most of the kids trick-or-treated.

Luke was a real trooper and stayed awake until about 9:00.......then he just couldn't keep his eyes open for another second.....

ok, well maybe one more just to make sure he wasn't missing anything!....

A good time was had by all!


Luke and I took a road trip together while Daddy was away on a golf trip. We went to Chrleston to go visit our cousins Tracy, Amy, Sara, Tyler and Jackson, and our Aunt Sue! We drove through a horrible rain storm on the way there and it took a lto longer than it should have but we made it safely and had a wonderful weekend. Luke loved being entertained by everyone and playing with the other kids and I loved hanging out with the girls and relaxing! It was well worth the trip!


I know....I'm horrible about keeping this blog updated and I'm so sorry! I'll try to be better about it.... Anyway, the weekend of October 10th and 11th Joe and I took Luke to Michigan and surprised my mom! It was so wonderful! I actually missed the surprise because I was at a meeting in Charlotte but I met them in Michigan on Friday. On Thursday, Joe took Luke on his first plane ride (Joe's VERY brave!). Luke was an angel on the flight. Joe said he looked out the window for a lot of the trip....maybe he thought it was a tv..... Dad picked them up from the airport and when they got home, dad went inside and a few minutes later Joe put Luke at the front door in his carseat, rang the doorbell and then hid behind a tree. Mom's reaction was priceless. We had a wonderful, long weekend with them and I think it may have been the best surprise mom's ever gotten :-) She was missing her grandson!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sparty Weekend in Michigan

I forgot to write about the weekend before we left for Rome! We went in a few days early just to spend some time with everyone and we soent Saturday afternoon over at Brad and Cole's watching Spartan football! To be honest, I remember nothing about the game but I do know that Luke had a ball with his new friends Gracie and Maddie! I was more into watching the babies that watching the game! It was a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Luke's week at "Grammy Camp"

Joe and I left Luke for the first time last week! We went to Rome for business and I swear leaving Luke was the hardest thing I've ever done. I knew he would be spoiled rotten and I wasn't the least bit worried about was ME I was worried about. We all survived and he had a wonderful week! He got to spend lots of time with Grammy and Grampy and even got to spend a day with my cousin Jenn and his cousin's Emma and Kate and a couple of days with his Great Grammy Westwood! He misses them all already but Mommy and Daddy are glad to have him home!!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Luke has started singing!

I've been waiting for this day! I was playing music the other day and I swear Luke started singing along! (Some might argue that he was just hungry, but I'd beg to differ....) It went on for quite a while so of course I had to get out the video camera!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Morning Smiles

I had to add this post to show what a happy boy he is every morning. It seems to be his favorite time of day right now. He loves when we lay him on his changing table....he smiles and coos! It's wonderful!

1st Birthday Party

Luke went to his first birthday party on Saturday, August 23rd! His friend Drew Armbrister turned two. He had so much fun that he fell asleep right in the middle of it! It was a cowboy party and they even had miniature horses! I wanted to get a picture of Luke on a horse but since he was sleeping....... I did get a picture of his friends Katie and Abbi with the horse. Oh well....maybe next time. As you can see, he was a very tired cowboy!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Luke at the lake

Last Sunday Luke had his first experience swimming in the lake. We went out to Douglas Lake with Uncle Kyle and Aunt Donna and Uncle Lewis and Aunt Maxi and all the kids and we had a ball! The weather was wonderful...not too hot. At one point we thought Luke might need to cool off so we put his life jacket on him and brought him in with us! He loved it. The sun was shining on his face and he just closed his eyes and floated. It was so cute! It was a fabulous day and Luke was an absolute angel...we'll definitely do it again sometime!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Greene County Fair

Last night we took Luke to his first Greene county fair! You can see by the look on his face that there was a little too much going on for him to absorb! That wasn't a face I happened to catch...he looked that way for about 30 minutes :-) Can you say overstimulation? Needless to say, he slept for a good six hours last night...what a treat! His Uncle Kyle won him the little dolphin he's holding in the picture- What a lucky boy!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Luke Westwood Hall

HI! Thanks for taking the time to check out our blog! Luke was born on June 18th and it amazes me that he is 6 weeks old already! He's truly the best baby ever...better than we ever could have hoped. He's had a very busy 6 weeks. Mom and dad were here when he was born and mom stayed with us for two and a half weeks. Dad flew home after a few days but was back the following weekend! On July4th, Mom, Luke, Kona (our dog!) and I hopped in the car for his first LONG trip to Michigan. We were there for another two and a half weeks. He got to meet tons of family and friends while we were there. He also got to go on his first boat ride! Very exciting! On July 23rd, Mom, Dad, Luke Kona and I drove back to TN and met my brother Brad and his girlfriend Nicole here for a golf tournament weekend. Luke had his first babysitter, Victoria, which was wonderful but about broke mommy's heart! When that weekend ended we headed to Ocean Isle North Carolina for Luke's first family reunion! He got to meet his cousins Jackson and Tyler (we missed Abby and Bryce!) and lots of other cousins, aunts and uncles! He took his first trip to the beach and dipped his little toes in the ocean! It's now Auguest 4th and we're back home, just the three of us and Kona. We miss having mom and dad around but are learning how to survive on our own :-) It's been a wonderful 6 weeks and we're looking very forward to this journey ahead of us....