Sunday, November 2, 2008


Luke's first Halloween was wonderful! The day before Halloween we carved his first pumpkin. He fell asleep before we were finished but Joe and I still had a blast doing it! A Westwood tradition was carried on.... Halloween night I had three costumes for him...a deer, a monster and a lion. He wanted nothing to do with the monster because it went on over his face. I didn't even try the deer costume on because I put him in the lion and fell in love! It was adorable!

We went on a hayride with a bunch of our friends and most of the kids trick-or-treated.

Luke was a real trooper and stayed awake until about 9:00.......then he just couldn't keep his eyes open for another second.....

ok, well maybe one more just to make sure he wasn't missing anything!....

A good time was had by all!


Luke and I took a road trip together while Daddy was away on a golf trip. We went to Chrleston to go visit our cousins Tracy, Amy, Sara, Tyler and Jackson, and our Aunt Sue! We drove through a horrible rain storm on the way there and it took a lto longer than it should have but we made it safely and had a wonderful weekend. Luke loved being entertained by everyone and playing with the other kids and I loved hanging out with the girls and relaxing! It was well worth the trip!


I know....I'm horrible about keeping this blog updated and I'm so sorry! I'll try to be better about it.... Anyway, the weekend of October 10th and 11th Joe and I took Luke to Michigan and surprised my mom! It was so wonderful! I actually missed the surprise because I was at a meeting in Charlotte but I met them in Michigan on Friday. On Thursday, Joe took Luke on his first plane ride (Joe's VERY brave!). Luke was an angel on the flight. Joe said he looked out the window for a lot of the trip....maybe he thought it was a tv..... Dad picked them up from the airport and when they got home, dad went inside and a few minutes later Joe put Luke at the front door in his carseat, rang the doorbell and then hid behind a tree. Mom's reaction was priceless. We had a wonderful, long weekend with them and I think it may have been the best surprise mom's ever gotten :-) She was missing her grandson!