Sunday, March 1, 2009

Another Surprise Trip to Michigan

Well, we surprised Grammy for the second time! Mom and Grandma Westwood were supposed to drive down to visit us in Tennessee but that plan changed when mom fell and had to have knee surgery! She called to tell us she wouldn't be coming and was in tears because she wouldn't get to spend the week with Luke. We were so excited to have them here and since they couldn't come here, we decided to go there. Dad picked us up at the airport and we were back to their house before 10am. Luke is a great flyer and was perfect on the plane! Mom and Grandma were both so surprised and we had a wonderful weekend. I even took out Luke one afternoon to meet my friend Cathy and Brad and Nicole for a few hours. I think he's excited about going to Michigan when the snow goes away and it's a little bit warmer!

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